You won't believe the contol you will have with our new X-FIN. No more spinning the wheel back and forth to stay on course when trolling. You get immediate course correction, just like a prop boat. Control your boat even when moving in nuetral. Makes loading easier too. Simple to install and remove. It takes only seconds. 1 size fits all outboard jets.

Explorer Push Pole

The Explorer Push Pole makes getting your boat off of a gravel bar, or sand bar easier. Or even better, use it with one of our Honda powered winches. Why spend hours stuck when you can free yourself quickly with one of these.


The working principals behind SHARKHIDE are very simple. The materials that make up SHARKHIDE Metal Protectant are a proprietary blend of many types of resins. These resins are then suspended in a blend of two different solvents. When applied to a surface, the solvents rapidly evaporate leaving the actual SHARKHIDE Metal Protectant behind. This forms an air tight film over any metal surface, and will protect against just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

In the marine industry,
SHARKHIDE is used primarily on aluminum hulls such as Riverboats, Houseboat, and Fishing boats. In most instances, a couple of good coats can last many years. It's not uncommon to see three to five years of protection.  And one of the many great features of SHARKHIDE is when it is time to reapply, there's no need to strip or prep the original coat. Since SHARKHIDE's "self etching", you simply wipe a fresh coat over the old one, and the new coat will partially melt, and blend right into the first!

5KW 16000BTU Diesel Portable Air Heater

This 5KW air heater is perfect for heating our Explorer outboard boats, trailers, outfitters tents, and fishing shacks. This portable heater has duel power connections for 12v DC or 120v. This heater is a compact unit with a built in fuel tank, easy to use display, thermostat, USB port, ducting and an easy to install exhaust. This heater will keep you warm through those chilly days. Just fill up the tank and connect a power source (and install the exhaust)!

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